Grand Opening at the Elektror location in Poland

The rapid development of the company and the continuous annual turnover increase between 20 and 40 percent in the last years have caused a necessity for more production, machinery, storage areas and the extension of the office building.

In August 2016 the construction of a second production hall was started and the first brick of the extended office building was laid less than a year later.  These investments provided us with the much needed space that allowed for the optimization of production quality  and greater depth of manufacturing possibilities.

Last Friday, the Grand Opening took place - the official ending of almost two years of construction work at Elektror airsystems Sp. z o.o. in Chorzów. In total, over 250 guests from Poland and abroad took part in the opening ceremony.  As Elektror tradition has it,  we invited our employees with their whole Families. Also invited were Chorzów city representatives, the company owners, customers, suppliers and the construction company with the architects that designed the buildings. 

After the official ceremony - multimedia presentations showing changes over the years, speeches and ribbon cutting, it was the time to start the rest of the celebrations! Participants of the event could enjoy the delicious live cooking, take part in tasting Polish wines and regional craft beer and had a chance to try many attractions for young and for old. The kids could take part in fan painting workshops or in crafting Elektror dolls made from steel, screws and wires. At the same time adults enjoyed bull-riding and games on a virtual reality station. "The event continued on the dance floor with some of us enjoying it until dawn. We are happy we had a chance to share this special moment with our families and guests and we intend to have more achievements to celebrate in the future! Veselin Peev (CEO Elektror airsystems Sp. z o.o.)

Thanks to the investments with a total value of over 5 million Euro,  Elektror airsystems Sp. z o.o. obtained an additional 1,000 m² of the office space and 2,200 m² of production. Now in total, there is 5,200 m² of production hall and almost 1,500 m² of the administrative part.

Investments enabled not only to increase and improve production, but also to optimize working conditions and implement sustainable energy management. Currently, Elektror is actively planning the next investment actions for 2019.