Attention, Tank Busters are coming

Elektror supports motion and fun at the Kids Sport Day

Elektror sponsored for the sixth time the annual Kids Sport Day in Ostfildern.

This year about 1,350 pupils in 154 teams coming from six primary schools participated on the former state garden exhibition area. The organiser of the Kids Sport Day is the Kindersportschule Ostfildern e.V. (KISS e.V.).

Each team had to master twelve sporty challenges in about three hours. The name of the teams came from Disney heroes, Duckburg, Smurfs and Asterix & Obelix. So we met Tank Busters, Tarzan and many more. The aim of the event was to pass on necessary movements to the children which they will need during their development. Furthermore the children were asked to work together as a team and to handle their team partners fairly.

The producer of industrial fans supports the event for many years and is convinced of the idea of the Kids Sport day. With a significant financial support, the costs of the event could be covered.