Maintenance of fire extinguishers

Side channel blowers from Elektror ensure fire extinguishers ready for deployment.

Use of our side channel blowers

The extinguishing powder in fire extinguishers must be taken out for checking and cleaning and then refilled again. To this end – and also for the refilling of extinguishing powder containers – the company Brandschutztechnik Müller GmbH produces special powder suction machines for professional application.

Single-stage side channel blowers with automatic reversing mechanism are used – in this case to increase pressure in sequence. Using negative pressure, the extinguishing powder is extracted from the fire extinguishers. The powder is loosened up in the container and under certain circumstances mixed with fresh powder. After this, by switching the automatic reversing mechanism, the powder is pumped back into the fire extinguisher.

For the work result, a strong suction performance of the side channel blower and reliable and exact switching of the reversing machines are of great importance. Devices from Elektror impress here across the whole line.