The day of the swimming records

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Elektror supports the Swimming and Sport Club Esslingen (SSVE) in trying to set a swimming world record.

The name Elektror airsystems is actually associated with the element air. So not on Sunday in Esslingen. Because here Elektror made strong for the other element - water - and supported the swimming world record attempt of the SSVE in Esslingen.

The event was organized by SSVE as part of the Sustainability Days Baden-Württemberg. For SSVE, sustainable training is important. Sustainable training is when performance is jointly potentiated and long-lasting.

The existing record holder swam 1,000 lanes of 50 meters in a time under 08:04:39 h. This record wanted to be broken. In addition to this attraction, there was an additional permanent swimming competition and a competition in feet-first-swimming.

Also Elektror CEO Ulrich W. Kreher and some Elektror employees participated in this event. Kreher supported the event as a volunteer judge.

In the end, it was not enough for the world record, but for the European record. The world record was then made in male feet-ahead-swimming with 47:50 seconds on 50 meters. "It was a successful day with many highly motivated swimmers, fighting spirit and commitment. It's fun to see what volunteer work can do, "Kreher concludes.

With each swim, the company donated 25 cents. In total, 6,658 railways were swum that day.