Drying module for glass flasks

The development of a drying box for hygiene articles.


Drying box, incl. fine F5 filter, for glass flasks. Glass flasks are used in the production of condoms and are washed in the system after each cycle. The wetness which deposits on the glass
flasks during the washing cycles, is dried using the Elektror System. The box fulfils the applicable hygiene regulations. At the same time, the noise level is reduced thanks to the sound-insulation
measures. The customer can now power the drying nozzles, which have a total length of 3 m, with 5.5 kW - previously 1 metre nozzles and 3 kW were possible. It has been possible to increase the air speed from 25 m/s to 40 m/s.

Elektror's Performance:

  • Calculation of the necessary speeds
  • Design of the fan
  • Construction and planning
  • Production and air-flow measurement

Content of the drying module:

  • High-pressure blower A-HP 305/30-120/5.5
  • Pre-installed frequency inverter
  • Air nozzles of different lengths
  • F5 fine filter