Quality Management

Elektror always insists on delivering the highest quality to its customers.

We define quality as optimally using the best product to contribute to an integrated whole for every individual use. Efficient team consisting of experienced, creative employees are Elektror's greatest capital. At the same time we take the controlling of all materials, components and products of goods received very seriously - all the way to delivery. In quality management, Elektror is ISO 9001-certified, while the environmental management is certified according to ISO 14001. For the Russian market, we have taken the extra step of certifying our products in accordance with EAC, and for the Canadian market according to CSA.

Excerpt from Elektror's quality assurance manual

  • 100% test (air and current values, if desired also oscillation measurement, leak test, other individual tests).

  • Comprehensive traceability of all production steps up to shipping.

  • Quality tools: CIP (continuous improvement process), regular education and further training of the personnel, kaizen, product and 5S audits, regular quality and environment circuits, operator self-inspection, key figure controlling.

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