Drying module for cleaning systems

Development of a module that is used by means of aerosol separation for parts drying.

Implementation of the drying module

Development of a module used for the drying of parts. An air heater is used to achieve a circulating air temperature of 170°C, which then dries the products using aerosol precipitation. The advantages of our solution lie in the energy and cost savings. The required heating capacity is minimised through the use of a closed circulation system. Thanks to its compact construction, the drying module can also be used in systems in confi ned spaces without a problem.

Elektror's performance

  • Design of the ventilator that meets the respective requirements
  • CFD flow simulation
  • Aerosol precipitator
  • Construction air box
  • Measurement in the lab
  • Complete “plug-and-play” delivery
  • Approval of the air box on site at the client's premises

Content of the drying module

  • High-pressure ventilator HRD 1 T FUK - 105/0.75
  • Tube air heater
  • Aerosol precipitator

Technical data

  • Pressure 5,500 Pa
  • Volume fl ows 9 m3/min
  • Temperature of medium 170°C
  • Output 0.75 kW
  • Heat output 8.5 kW