Hot air blower unit

The design of a ventilation system to develop an air purge and hot air blower unit.


Air purge and hot air blower unit. This unit is designed for a thermal wheel.

Air purge mode: 1x blower in operation and 2x redundant blowers in alternate operation.

Preservation mode: both blowers in operation, in parallel.

In the event of redundant mode, where only one of the two fans is active, the built-in flap valves prevent air entering and ensure that the desired volume of air, approx. 2400 m³/h, is provided. In the event of parallel operation, both damper flaps open independently, due to the flow mechanism, to provide the desired volumetric flow.

Elektror's Performance

  • Design of the ventilation system
  • Calculation of the pipe cross-sections

Content of the hot air blower unit

  • Medium-pressure blower S-MP 600/54-50/11
  • Piping incl. flap valves etc.
  • Base console incl. vibration dampener