Elektror receives government grants from DBU

The Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU – German Foundation for Environment) supports Elektror airsystems financially and technically. The aim of this support is to make industrial fans and blowers more efficient and save energy and costs.

The level of assistance amounts nearly 125.000 € and will be invested in Elektror’s research and development project with the title “Maximization of the potential of energy, material and noise reduction”. The project will basically optimize the Elektror product portfolio. The selected tools are additive processes (3D print) and state of the art simulation methods. Moreover, the gained findings and savings potentials will be used for the development of a new high-speed and high pressure series from Elektror.

The project will last 23 months. First step will be the installment of a test bench for air.

The DBU supports innovative, environmental friendly model projects to protect the environment.