Red Bull Air Race

Elektror leads the way at the Red Bull Air Race!

Elektror at the Red Bull Air Race

Above the Red Bull Air Race

Since the beginning of the first official world championship in 2005, the series of contests has stopped off at many spectacular and breath-taking locations around the globe. The Red Bull Air Race presents the best racing pilots of the world in an innovative competition based on speed, precision and ability. The pilots control their quick, nimble and light racing aircraft just a few metres above the ground between inflatable pylons. In doing so, they reach speeds of 370 km/h and are subject to centrifugal forces of up to 12 Gs.

In detail: The Red Bull Air Race fans

For the very first time, Elektror is producing petrol-driven axial fans especially for the Red Bull Air Race!

The approx. 350 PS single-engine propeller aircraft create the most spectacular shapes in the sky with their vapour trails as they fly along the specified racetrack. At speeds of up to 400 km/h und acceleration forces of up to 11g, the daring pilots race between the inflatable 20-metre high air gates (pylons), which mark out the course.

The Red Bull Air Race was created in 2005 by the energy drinks manufacturer of the same name and is an official championship series which takes place on an annual basis around the globe. Only the best pilots in the world are allowed to take part in the race. To ensure the event runs safely, it is vital that the pylons maintain their shape and position, and also that they return to their “original state” following contact with a plane. The air gates are able to maintain both the necessary stability and flexibility by means of a constant air supply provided with the use of mobile axial fans.
For the 2009 season these fans will be supplied by Elektror.

As the air gate “islands” are afloat on the water and have no electrical connection, the fans have to be powered by a petrol engine. Yet they must still be as light and flexible as possible so that assembly and disassembly are not subject to unnecessary delays. The difficult conditions of use on the water and in the open air, i.e. constant wave movements, the most varied of ambient temperatures and weather conditions, water from both above and below, as well as spray and airborne sand, created additional challenges for the Elektror development team.

The result

During use in the first four races, the Elektror axial fans have already demonstrated their ability in both a problem-free and reliable manner.