Air in industrial use

Blowing in, blowing off, cooling, drying, extracting, filtering, heating, lifting: Without air, many industrial machines and systems come to a standstill. Elektror offers air technology systems for your plants and production processes as plug-and-play solutions - for every industry.

Food industry

For crispy chips, we dry the potatoes after washing and filter the greasy baking air. We also inflate the plastic packaging so that the fries can be packed automatically.

Pharmaceutical industry

In tablet production, we blow the raw material powders into the mixers or dry the granulate. When the tablets are pressed, we filter the air from the pressing chamber and use negative pressure to move plastic foil for packaging.

Waste management / recycling

We clean the exhaust air during recycling. With the right supply air management, we optimise composting processes - and also extract the air again so that no odours escape to the outside.

Metalworking industry

Whether cutting, milling, lasering or sawing - we use negative pressure to fix metal pieces for processing and filter the resulting exhaust air. After welding processes, we cool workpieces for further processing.

Electrical and electronics industry

In battery production, we blow the raw material powders for the anode and cathode into the mixers. We generate the air cushion for drying the carrier foil. With our vacuum, automatic grippers place the anode, cathode and separator on top of each other to produce the electrodes.

Chemical industry

We generate the pressure for polymetrisation and then dry the granulate for further processing. We reliably extract the resulting process air. So no vapours or gases escape to the outside.

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