ND (low-pressure radial fan)

Low-pressure fan made of cast aluminium


For moving large air volumes in (almost) every environment

Do you want to move large air volumes while maintaining low resistance and without losing pressure, such as when ventilating installations? Then the industrial fans from Elektror’s ND low-pressure series are the perfect choice for you. The fans are extremely compact thanks to the robust, cast-aluminium housing. Thanks to their extensive performance range, they also meet the requirements of various industries and applications.

The ND series from Elektror includes 23 sizes, offering an extremely wide range of operating points in the low-pressure region – with air flow rates from 3.8 m³/min to 95 m³/min and pressures from 480 Pa to 2,500 Pa. Flexible control is ensured via the frequency converter, therefore each fan can be adapted to specific applications in a way that is precise and energy efficient. In addition, the extensive range of accessories also enables the mechanical adjustment to various applications and installation situations.

All benefits at a glance

  • Logical performance graduation
  • Ready-to-install design with three-phase motors or single-phase alternating current motors
  • High performance capability in a compact design
  • Long operating life at low operating costs
  • High efficiency and low noise
  • Stable designs
  • Optionally with preconfigured frequency converter for easy installation
  • Practical accessories

Ideal for these applications

  • Conveyance of large air volumes with low and medium system resistances
  • Extraction of gases and vapours
  • Cooling of apparatus and machine parts
  • Ventilating of rooms
  • Draught reinforcement in chimneys
  • Air supply for gas, oil and coal burners
  • Drying of different types of parts
  • Forced ventilation of electrical machines