Steel Extreme Pressure (S-XP)

High-speed fans made of steel


Maximum pressure and suction performance in the smallest of spaces

With a housing height of just 39 cm, the Steel Extreme Pressure (S-XP) fans really can fit in any system. And they deliver maximum pressure for your processes: for blowing off water drops, drying food or cooling workpieces. They also fix non-magnetic materials in CNC machines by means of a vacuum.

The S-XP fans reach a high pressure of up to 27,000 Pa with a volume flow of up to 44 m³/min due to high speeds of up to 250 Hz (15,000 rpm). Thanks to the hybrid bearing with lifetime lubrication and the resonance-free design, the fans are still very durable.

All benefits at a glance

  • Very high performance capability in an extremely compact design.
  • Long operating life at low operating costs
  • Optionally with preconfigured frequency converter for easy installation
  • High flexibility for individual project requirements
    • extensive vertical integration
    • ready-to-install design with three-phase motors
    • in-house sheet metal production

Ideal for the following applications

  • Cooling of apparatus and machine parts
  • Air supply for drying systems or for gas, oil and coal burners
  • Generating a vacuum
  • Use on air cushion tables
  • For air-handling systems in the food industry, e.g. drying bottles or cans.

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