Social responsibility

"As an active member of society, environmental and health protection and the support of people, associations, institutions and projects is a normal part of our business activities."

ULRich Kreher, CEO Elektror Group

Our environmental policy

Environmental and health protection are firmly established asa guiding principle in the values of our society. We see ourselves as a company that does justice to this idea and makes our contribution to social responsibility. We have set ourselves the goal of bringing profitable production into harmony with environmental protection by improving our environmental performance and avoiding or reducing adverse effects on the environment.

For us, environmental management means that we comply with environmental laws and the environmental demands of other interested parties and continuously improve and review our corporate environmental protection at all four company locations.

The main focus here is on reducing our energy and raw material consumption as well as on significantly reducing emissions. The goal of our environmental policy is to bring environmental protection and efficiency into harmony.

Our commitment to environmental protection and sustainability

  • Generation of electricity from a photovoltaic plant in Waghäusel

  • Reduction in fuel consumption & the purchase of an electric car

  • Production of recyclable components (approx. 93% of our components can be recycled)

  • Use of recyclable packaging

  • Installation of self-regulating, energy-saving LED lights that are not dependent on external light and the presence of an employee

Elektror as a sponsor

As an active member of society, for us supporting people, associations, institutions and projects is a natural and firm component of our corporate philosophy. We see it as an opportunity and responsibility to actively shape our environment and thus make a contribution to the dialogue and understanding between cultures. That is why we engage in partnerships in many parts of society with our sponsoring projects.

Education, engagement, ambition and professionalism

All this values play a large role in our corporate image and that is why they are especially important in our sponsoring commitments. Charity projects that we support should correspond to the core values of our company. Local activities at our sites that are marked by motivation, endurance, skill and talent have a firm place in our sponsoring activities. A long-term and confidential partnership is also a significant element of our successful collaboration with different groups in society.

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