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Elektror BOX: Multifunctional sound insulation cover for fans

High-pressure applications at room volume with the Elektror BOX multifunctional sound insulation cover. With integrated active cooling, vibration decoupling and control

Elektror BOX

High-pressure applications at room volume with the Elektror BOX

High-pressure ventilation applications require high speeds from industrial fans. This means noise – often too much for the ergonomic requirements in the direct working environment.

The BOX complete housing solution reduces noise by up to 29 dB(A)– virtually to room volume. Thanks to integrated compensators and rubber-metal buffers, a vibration-decoupled installation of the fans is also possible. In addition, the BOX features active fan self-cooling and a control system that can be integrated. The functional reliability of the fan is also increased because the intake air flow is protected from small parts.

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BOX multifunctional sound insulation cover at a glance:

  • Available in three sizes (S, M, L) and three equipment levels (Basic, Digital, Professional)
  • Fan noise reduction by up to 29 dB(A)
  • Vibration-decoupled, integrated floor mounting
  • Active fan self-cooling
  • Easy maintenance with quickly removable panel sections and freely accessible fan
  • Adaptable: different fan housing positions, change of application type and attachment of frequency converter possible
  • Plug-and-play integration into existing systems through preconfiguration of the systems
  • High-quality and robust design made of galvanised sheet steel
  • Safe to transport
  • Short lead time
  • No minimum flow rate required
  • Non-combustible sound insulation material
  • Adaptable through integration of sensors, filters, different connections and AirKnives for precise control of the outlet air flow
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Complete systems for high-pressure applications with the Elektror BOX

High-pressure applications such as the cooling of welded points or the ventilation of systems with larger resistances require precisely specified air flows and air flow rates. For this purpose, Elektror manufactures complete systems for simple plug-and-play integration into existing systems according to specific customer requirements. The Elektror BOX, high-pressure fan, optionally with preconfigured frequency converter, hose/pipe system, and AirKnives are fully tailored to requirements.

By means of a detailed log of requirements and complex 3D simulations, Elektror engineers calculate exactly which air flow and which air flow rate is required at which point in order to achieve the desired effect. Thanks to the BOX multifunctional sound insulation cover, these system solutions can be installed directly on the systems or, for example, above conveyor belts. This shortens pipe and hose lengths from the fan to the AirKnife and thus lowers the required air pressure.

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