Aluminium High Pressure (A-HP)

Performance-optimised high-pressure fans made of cast aluminium


For high-pressure applications in (almost) every environment

Elektror are experts in high-pressure fans. The entire experience of the development team has been incorporated in the A-HP – optimised high-pressure fans made of cast aluminium for cooling, blowing off, extracting, drying or generating a vacuum. The impeller and housing have been optimised and perfectly harmonised with each other through flow simulations and load tests. The result is a high-performance series that is extremely efficient and comes in a compact design.

The A-HP series includes six different sizes with an air flow rate from 29.4 m³/min to 90.3 m³/min and pressures from 6,930 Pa to 13,650 Pa. Using a frequency converter for control enables precise and energy-efficient operation adapted to the respective application. Thanks to the extensive range of accessories, the A-HP fans can also be easily adapted to various installation situations.

All benefits at a glance:

  • High performance capability in a compact design
  • Impeller and housing that are optimised and perfectly harmonised with each other
  • Stable design
  • Long operating life at low operating costs
  • Optional pre-configured frequency converter for plug-and-play installation
  • High flexibility for individual project requirements
    • Extensive vertical integration
    • Ready-to-install design with three-phase motors or single-phase alternating current motors

Ideal for the following applications:

  • Conveyance of medium air volumes with high system resistances
  • Extraction of gases and vapours
  • Cooling of apparatus and machine parts
  • Ventilation of installations with higher resistances
  • Air supply for drying plants
  • Generation of a vacuum
  • Air supply for gas, oil and coal burners
  • Air supply for drying plants
  • Use on air cushion tables