RD (medium-pressure radial fan)

Medium-pressure fans made of cast aluminium


For a balanced ratio of flow rate and pressure

Do you need both pressure and flow rate for your air application? Our medium-pressure fans from the RD series offer a balanced ratio of flow rate and pressure for every work requirement. With their robust, cast-aluminium housing and extensive performance range, they meet the requirements of various industries.

The RD series includes 18 different sizes offering air flow rates from 5.9 m³/min to 142 m³/min and pressures from 1,300 Pa to 9,600 Pa. The use of a frequency converter enables precise and energy-efficient control for specific applications. The extensive range of accessories also allows adaptation to various applications and installation situations.

All benefits at a glance

  • Logical performance graduation
  • Ready-to-install design with three-phase motors or single-phase alternating current motors
  • High performance capability in a compact design
  • Long operating life at low operating costs
  • High efficiency
  • Low noise
  • Stable design
  • Optionally with preconfigured frequency converter for easy installation
  • Practical accessories

Ideal for these applications

  • Conveyance of large air volumes with low and medium system resistances
  • Extraction of gases and vapours
  • Cooling of apparatus and machine parts
  • Ventilating of rooms
  • Draught reinforcement in chimneys
  • Air supply for gas, oil and coal burners
  • Drying of different types of parts
  • Forced ventilation of electrical machines