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Centrifugal fans


Low pressure ND ATEX on request max. 100,0 m³/min max. 2.200,00 Pa
Medium pressure RD ATEX on request max. 142,0 m³/min max. 10.600,00 Pa
High pressure, frequency converter HRD-FU/FUK ATEX on request max. 100,0 m³/min max. 17.300,00 Pa
High pressure, frequency converter A-HP-FU/FUK max. 90,0 m³/min max. 13.650,00 Pa

Centrifugal fans

Stainless steel / steel

Low pressure S-LP max. 115,0 m³/min max. 3.050,00 Pa
Medium pressure S-MP max. 180,0 m³/min max. 10.000,00 Pa
High pressure, frequency converter S-HP-FU/FUK max. 64,0 m³/min max. 15.250,00 Pa
Extreme high pressure, frequency converter S-XP-FU/FUK max. 37,0 m³/min max. 16.950,00 Pa
High efficiency S-HE max. 184,0 m³/min max. 4.300,00 Pa

Centrifugal fans

Stainless steel / steel

High pressure CFH max. 6.700,0 m³/min max. 30.000,00 Pa
Low pressure CFL max. 6.700,0 m³/min max. 8.000,00 Pa
Low pressure CFLD max. 9.700,0 m³/min max. 2.700,00 Pa
Medium pressure CFM max. 6.000,0 m³/min max. 17.500,00 Pa
High pressure CFXH max. 2.900,0 m³/min max. 35.000,00 Pa
Low pressure PFL max. 5.000,0 m³/min max. 3.300,00 Pa
Medium pressure PFM max. 5.000,0 m³/min max. 5.000,00 Pa

Side channel blowers

1 stage SD max. 19,0 m³/min max. 41.000,00 Pa
1 stage, frequency converter SD-FU/FUK max. 10,5 m³/min max. 36.500,00 Pa
1 stage 1SD max. 20,8 m³/min max. 50.000,00 Pa
2 stage 2SD max. 21,8 m³/min max. 80.000,00 Pa

Axial fans

Medium pressure MAF max. 3.400,0 m³/min max. 2.000,00 Pa

Conveying fans

Medium pressure RD-F max. 62,0 m³/min max. 7.150,00 Pa
Medium pressure CFMT max. 200,0 m³/min max. 4.250,00 Pa

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