Steel Low Pressure (S-LP)

Low-pressure fans made of steel/stainless steel


For moving large air volumes in demanding environments

Do you need to move large air volumes with little pressure loss in demanding environments? The industrial fans from Elektror’s S-LP series – available in steel or stainless steel – are the ideal solution. Due to their high-quality materials and processing, our S-LP fans meet the important requirements for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries, for example, as well as in process engineering and industrial washing facilities.

The ten available sizes in the S-LP series offer air flow rates from 12.5 m³/min to 115 m³/min and pressure from 575 Pa to 3,050 Pa in graduated air characteristic curves. The fans are comparatively compact. By using a frequency converter, they can be perfectly controlled for the respective application. This increases the energy efficiency of the system.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Logical performance graduation
  • Ready-to-install design with three-phase motors
  • High performance capability in a compact design
  • Long operating life
  • ErP-compliant efficiency and low noise
  • Stable housing design made of stainless steel
  • Practical accessories
  • Optional pre-configured frequency converter for plug-and-play installation

Ideal for the following applications:

  • Conveyance of large air volumes with low to medium system resistances
  • Extraction of gases and vapours
  • Cooling of apparatus and machine parts
  • Ventilating of rooms
  • Drying of parts
  • Exhaust gas extraction in the automotive sector
  • Forced ventilation of electrical machines