Aeration & Ventilation

Industrial fans from Elektror airsystems ensure fresh air.

Fresh air with extractor fans from Elektror

Fresh air!

Elektror products are ideally suited to ventilate different premises, working areas and containers, as well as extract air from them. Usually fresh air is blown into areas in which the air is strongly polluted and the polluted air is extracted again through filters. Especially in areas subject to strong air pollution, e.g. lacquering facilities, welding areas, oil tanks, car repair shops etc., the air is continuously renewed in this way.

To clean polluted water and sludge, the included volatile hazardous substances are transferred into process air and thus removed. For this purpose electroplating baths, sedimentation tanks, wells etc. are aerated and ventilated with the help of Elektror products.

Application examples

Filling of hall layouts

Use of high-pressure fans for the filling of hall systems from Arcus.

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Further areas of application

Not least the feeding of oxygen-rich air to accelerate natural processes is also a common application for our devices. Our products are also reliably used in, for example, composting systems and other decomposition processes. By the way, next time you are in a whirlpool, think of us. In many cases, the pleasant bubbles are generated by an Elektror blower.

Installation example of a filter system with an S-HE 480, accessories and connections

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