Current delivery situation for frequency converters

The global procurement situation for electronic components, especially semiconductor chips, is causing massive disruptions in the supply chain for frequency converters.

Despite existing framework agreements, early and quantitatively generous scheduling and order triggering at our suppliers, there are massive and extremely painful non-deliveries or under-deliveries. Elektror is increasingly faced with the problem of not being able to meet promised or offered delivery dates or periods.

For this reason, we would like to draw your attention to the following points once again:
Despite the existing supply problems, we continue to rely on the products of the suppliers Omron and Kostal. According to our market knowledge, the delayed delivery times and delivery uncertainties are not limited to these two suppliers, so that even a change of supplier would not promise any improvement.

Product Omron (control cabinet version)

  • Current standard delivery times for the best-selling frequency converters are between approx. 26 and approx. 44 weeks.
  • We plan the required quantities for several months in advance. However, the replenishment of our stocks is made more difficult by sporadic deliveries. The number of frequency converters delivered is usually only a fraction of the quantity we need to fulfil our orders on time.
  • You find the attachment for Omron's official statement regarding the current situation here.

Product Kostal (directly mounted frequency converters)

  • The current standard delivery time for frequency converters from Kostal is approx. 23 weeks for INVEOR sizes A to C and approx. 17 weeks for INVEOR size D.
  • The supply of the ordered delivery quantities is currently reliable.

We kindly ask you to consider and factor this into your future orders. Of course, we can deliver fans and air systems without control cabinets and frequency converters. In this case, simply contact us. We will contact customers with open delivery quotas of frequency converters in the next few days to discuss the situation together and look for alternatives.