Elektror expands range of high-efficiency S-HE steel and stainless steel fans

Illustration of the complete S-HE series with all nine fans

Five new sizes for highly efficient conveyance of large air volumes in demanding areas of use

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With the Steel High Efficiency (S-HE) series, Ostfildern-based Elektror airsystems gmbh, a leading manufacturer of industrial fans, has developed high-efficiency radial fans made of steel/stainless steel. The fans are excellently suited to industrial applications that require conveyance of large air volumes with medium system resistances. With the five new sizes, Elektror rounds off its S-HE range. The customers can now use a total of nine sizes for their systems.

Diverse variants for demanding areas of use

The new and diverse variants provide users with even more flexibility when selecting solutions for areas of application such as extraction of gases and vapours, cooling of apparatus and machine parts, ventilation of systems with medium resistances, air supply for drying plants, exhaust gas extraction in the automotive sector, and use in filter systems.

For tasks involving changing air volumes, the S-HE fans can be equipped with frequency converters to adapt the speed as needed. In particular the stainless steel versions of the fans are highly suited to demanding operational environments, such as car wash facilities or the food industry.

Technical equipment offers numerous advantages

The S-HE series offers air flow rates from 60 m³/min to 275 m³/min and from 2,000 Pa to 4,800 Pa pressure. Each size is available in a 50 Hz and 60 Hz version. Thanks to the cleanly graduated air characteristic curves of the individual sizes, users can choose the fan that specifically matches their requirements.

The highly efficient impellers provide the radial fans with a high efficiency at low energy consumption. During development, Elektror put great emphasis on ensuring that the vibration behaviour of the impellers remains excellent even at high or varying speeds. The stresses on the impellers were not only calculated with simulation tools, but also verified on endurance test stations by means of elaborate cycle tests.

The design of the S-HE series features a comparatively compact housing size. Standard motors, standard flanges and a sturdy laser-welded structure make the industrial fans robust and durable. Additionally, the use of standard parts turns the S-HE series into a modular system where the fans can be scaled as required using standardised setups. This creates the potential for important efficiency gains even in the production phase. In addition to the standard versions, the series also provides ideal opportunities for customisations.


More about the S-HE series and the individual sizes can be found here.

Row of three S-HE fans in one installation situation
Row of three S-HE fans in one installation situation