High pressure blowers

High pressure fans are ideal for operations, where relatively high system resistances must be overcome with high pressures.

High pressure blowers for your application

We cover a wide performance range and provide a complete product range with our high pressure fans. We can generate low and very high airflows up to 400,000 m³/h without any problems with the Elektror high pressure ventilators.

Radial turbo blowers generate high pressures by means of velocity. Low pressure blowers and medium pressure blowers generate 3,000 rpm with a frequency of 50 Hz. High pressure air blowers have a higher velocity. High pressure can be generated with the velocity of the impellers. There are two types of drive to increase the velocity: Belt transmission ratio and frequency converter operations.

High pressure using a frequency converter

In frequency converter operations, the frequency and velocity of the blower are controlled electronically. This type of drive is more recent and provides energy efficiency. The wear-free drive with a separate (FU) or mounted (FUK) frequency converter can be combined with a direct drive. These products can be adjusted appropriately and are energy-saving. The fabricated high pressure air blower in the HRD-FU/FUK, S-HP-FU/FUK and HRD-FU-ATEX series can be used in this way. Our turbo high pressure air blowers in the HRD-BOOSTED, S-XP and CFXH series are suited to the high demands on pressure as well as to a consistent pressure gradient. These industrial fans can be operated with frequency converters that can generate a high velocity (up to 200 Hz / 12,000 rpm).

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High pressure fans made of aluminum casting, steel or stainless steel

Elektror high pressure air blowers cover a wide range of applications because they are available in various materials. The HRD-FU/FUK, HRD, HRD-BOOSTED and HRD-FU-ATEX blowers have a housing made of aluminum casting. The solid and robust cast housing of the high pressure blower gives the blowers high stability as well as good corrosion resistance in general. High pressure air blowers in the CFH and HAFC series and turbo high pressure types like the S-XP and CFXH are painted, galvanised and powder coated and are available with a steel housing or stainless steel housing. All parts that come into contact with the medium like the rotor, blade, wheel and impeller are also made of stainless steel. All stainless blowers are resistant to corrosion.

Explosion protected ATEX high pressure fans

In addition, our high pressure fans are available as ATEX models. ATEX fans are designed to exclude thermal, mechanic and electric risk factors, which can result in an explosion when they come into contact with an explosive or flammable atmosphere. The HRD-FU-ATEX high pressure series has standard explosion protection. Other ATEX blowers are available on demand.

High pressure blowers in use

Vacuum using high-pressure fans

Use of our products in the machines for producing tubes, sleeves and cans.

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Fans for drinking water purification

Use of our high-pressure fans for water purification at Aquadosil.

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Our high pressure blowers

Centrifugal fans


High pressure, frequency converter HRD-FU/FUK ATEX on request max. 100,0 m³/min max. 17.300,00 Pa
High pressure, frequency converter A-HP-FU/FUK max. 90,0 m³/min max. 13.650,00 Pa

Centrifugal fans

Stainless steel / steel

High pressure, frequency converter S-HP-FU/FUK max. 64,0 m³/min max. 15.250,00 Pa
Extreme high pressure, frequency converter S-XP-FU/FUK max. 37,0 m³/min max. 16.950,00 Pa
High efficiency S-HE max. 184,0 m³/min max. 4.300,00 Pa

Centrifugal fans

Stainless steel / steel

High pressure CFH max. 6.700,0 m³/min max. 30.000,00 Pa
High pressure CFXH max. 2.900,0 m³/min max. 35.000,00 Pa

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A peak into production

Take a peak at our Waghäusel production location and learn more about the manufacture of our fans and side channel blowers.

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