ATEX fans are used when operation is planned in areas at risk of explosion.

Do you require explosion protection?

In more and more application areas, protecting blowers against explosions is an indispensable prerequisite. Numerous dusts and gases that are being conveyed are already in a highly explosive original state, while others develop this characteristic after being pre-mixed with additional media. Just a little spark can have unforeseeable and disastrous consequences. Our ATEX blowers are designed precisely for such highly sensitive conditions.

Aside from many other application areas, our ATEX blowers are in use in the chemical industry, in mills, biogas plants, landfills, sewage plants, flour storage facilities as well as food processing. They ensure the safe transport of explosive dusts and gases of all kinds.

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Elektror delivers a solution for biogas manufacturing

In biogas manufacturing, storage facilities that can hold and “store” the gas safely are required.

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ATEX zones for fans and blowers

EN 1127-1 defines according to nature and intensity different zones at risk of explosion in which potentially explosive atmospheres are present or could arise in dangerous quantities. A potentially explosive atmosphere is a mixture of air and flammable gases, vapours, mists or dusts.

Elektror ATEX proof Fans and Blowers are available for zones 1, 2 and 22.

Zone 1

An area in which an explosive mixture is likely to occur in normal operation.

Zone 2

An area in which an explosive mixture is not likely to occur in normal operation and if it occurs it will exist only for a short time.

Zone 22

An area in which an explosive mixture is not likely to occur in normal operation and if it occurs it will exist only for a short time.

Our ATEX fans

Centrifugal fans


Low pressure ND-ATEX max. 95,0 m³/min max. 2.200 Pa
Medium pressure RD-ATEX max. 90,0 m³/min max. 6.800 Pa
High pressure, frequency converter HRD-FU-ATEX max. 100,0 m³/min max. 17.300 Pa

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