Drying with an industrial fan from Elektror airsystems – down to the last drop.

Drying with an industrial fan

To the last drop!

Before being used again, processed further or delivered, many materials and goods are subjected to a thorough cleaning. This cleaning usually takes place with water. (Under certain circumstances various cleaning products are added). After cleaning, any remaining water and cleaning products are removed using air. In most applications, the drying takes place in a pressure operation, i.e. the water is blown off. Depending on the application, however, there is also the possibility of sucking off the water. In many cases, the blower or side channel blower used for drying is also combined with the AirKnife. An additional temperature control makes it possible to achieve an even more efficient and fast drying process. The next time you are having lunch in a cafeteria, maybe your dishes and cutlery will have been dried with an Elektror blower.

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Heating in the granulate dryer

Use of our fans and side channel blowers in granulate dryers from Koch.

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