Product Innovation: High Efficiency Blowers by Elektror airsystems

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The fan manufacturer from Ostfildern, Germany, presents the new S-HE series. Four models are available immediately.

With ten new and standardized model variants, the series offers a high degree of flexibility for most diverse customer applications. Every blower is available in a 50 Hz and 60 Hz version.

Equipped with high efficiency impellers, standard motors and standard flanges, the centrifugal blowers of the new high efficiency series a perfect extension of the product range of Elektror airsystems. A high level of effectiveness and low energy consumption distinguish these robust and durable industrial blowers. A key characteristic of the performance range are the tiered characteristic curves, which allow an air performance of up to 255 m³/min and 4850 Pascal. Another feature is the standardised scaled design configuration of all S-HE blowers in accordance with the series systematics.

Constructionally, the new series is characterized by its compact housing size and strong laser-welded construction, which completes the overall design of the new series. Besides the standard execution, the series also offers ideal possibilities for customer-specific modulations. The S-HE blowers are used in highly demanding sectors and in the most diverse applications: #textileindustry #windpowerplants #filtertechnology #UVtechnology #lacqueringfacilities #cryogenicfacilites #airconditioningtechnology

In the development of these most recent blowers, the company also draws on internal synergies to enable a smooth transition between the sites in Chorzów (PL) and Ostfildern in terms of product portfolio. In their construction, the S-HE blowers, which come from Waghäusel (DE), are partly based on the well-established large volume industrial fans that are built in the production site in Chorzów (PL).

Additionally, the blower manufacturer focuses particular attention to an excellent vibration behaviour – including for the operation using frequency converters with varying speeds. The stress on the impellers were not only tested with simulation tools, but also verified in complex cycle checks.

With the introduction of the new S-HE range, Elektror airsystems offers an innovative and compact industrial series especially for the efficient operation of systems.