Domestic and international blower service

Due to travel restrictions related to the current situation in the world - we noticed an increasing number of service requests of blowers purchased from other manufacturers. Responding to clients' needs, Elektror Poland has expanded its service offer to include fans and blowers of various brands. Elektror provides domestic and international service in the standard offer.

Our complex service and regular inspections can be arranged both at the Elektror headquarters and directly at the customers' plants. The offer includes:

1. Complex repair / renovation (including disassembly, painting)

2. Replacement of worn / damaged components

3. Troubleshooting and repair (replacement of the motor/impeller, balancing, anti-corrosion protection)

4. Regular inspection and maintenance 

5. Measurements - vibrations, flow, temperature and condition of bearings

Elektror Poland also provides technical advice, supervision and measurement of blowers before commissioning and professional mounting at the plant.