Machine Park at Elektror Poland

Recently, the range of the Elektror’s offer has been extended by individual services using our machine park. Elektror Poland fulfills orders both for ready ventilation elements (e.g silencers, inlets, throttles) and for special industrial orders requiring bending, welding, spinning and laser cutting.

The efficient machine park is constantly modernized and adapted to the needs of the market. Thus Elektror makes sure that the equipment is reliable. Each machine undergoes regular technical inspections by authorized specialists and is operated by qualified staff. The quality and service of Elektror's machine park directly influence on the precision of processing orders.

Some of the facilities:

Trumpf fiber 5040 laser
Table dimensions - 4x2 [m]
Sheet thickness:
Black steel - 25 [mm]
Stainless steel - 25 [mm]

Bystronic bending machine
Bending length - 3 [mb]
Bending thickness - max 15 [mm]

Welding of black and stainless elements (MIG / MAG TIG)

Powder painting
Furnace dimensions 2x4.8x3.6 [m]

Wet painting
Paint chamber dimensions 3.6x5.2x3.7 [m]

Spinning elements (NODI)

Rolled element width max 2 [m]
Max thickness - 15 [mm]

Surface cleaning
Black steel - shot blasting
Stainless steel – ceramic bead blasting